The World in our Words

Although I am not a poet, two of my poems have been accepted into this collection. The book will be available soon through Amazon. Here is information about the book […]

I miss Scabby*

I’ve written a lot of material throughout my life – from little notes of encouragement to weekly 1500-word kid’s stories, fluffy chick romances, a mystery or two and even my […]

Pageantry – who needs it

I tried to watch a rebroadcast of the “royal” wedding (Harry & Meghan) this morning. Only took me ten minutes of listening to some millennial gushing over a carriage to […]

Caffeine and me

Okay, all you naysayers and scoffers! Apparently, I’ve been a bad BAD person since I was 17… half a century almost! Well, at least to most of my friends, my […]

Plotting a story

Sorry for the long wait … we got hacked last week … so from last week — I had a lot of trouble thinking of something to write this week. […]

Shaggy Maggie

Sorry I’ve been missing for so long. This move has been a major adjustment. I hoped to find a second family but, instead, found myself in the middle of a […]

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