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About TK Cassidy

Author TK Cassidy cannot remember a time she didn’t write. The minute she felt that pencil in her hand she felt like she had found her purpose. Sporting a writer’s callus on her finger by the time she was seven (and still has 60+ years later), she has not slowed down over the years.

She cannot decide what genre to write in. Sometimes her wicked sense of humor takes over and writes tales of 70+ year old sisters who become cat burglars (I mean, Whoodah Thunket!) and poor old Scruffy who just wants to win a big prize, you’ll laugh your way through those stories.

Then you can check out her time spanning and paranormal love stories as well as the generation spanning story of an apartment that has much to say.

And don’t forget the 100+ kids stories from her magazine series she may redo at any moment!

You never know what she will turn out next but you can be guaranteed an interesting read.

“The difference between a published author and an unpublished author is one word — someday.” (Unknown)

Read that again! The difference between a published and an unpublished (indie or traditional) author is a single phrase– SOME DAY! If you wait until ‘some day’, your dream will never happen. I took 20 years to write 13B and now there are four more novels and a short story online and two in the works. You can do this!

The Distinctive Plop! My newest work! A short story.

This tale is  available on Amazon. Though I usually write romance or humor, this one is a suspense tale which has gotten good reviews from my beta readers.

Available on October 28th.

And finally — nearly 20 years, a full career, several degrees, two kids, the loss of a dear spouse, the finding of a new love and MANY revisions, The Life and Times of 13B is alive and so are four more — all on Amazon. I have so many more in the wings. If you enjoy one, you’ll come back for more!

As Apartment 13B says, “We’ll be waiting for you.”

Latest Books

Raven's Tale

Kindle Edition

Raven’s dreams are filled with visions of a man who is meant to be her destiny, the one who would be her protector. Luke’s dreams are filled with a beautiful black raven with silver eyes and she needs him. Will they find each other before it too late?

Almost Brilliant

Kindle Edition

Ne’er-do-well 90 year old male decides to win a prize the town he was born in wants to give to the oldest living person on the occasion of the town’s 100 year celebration.

Whoodah Thunket and The Girls

Whoodah Thunket and The Girls

Kindle Edition

Three 70 year old sisters turn to the family business – cat burglary – to pay off an old debt. Think Golden Girls meets Janet Evanovich! Who would suspect? Who dah thunk it could ever happen?

New on Amazon!

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