Humor? Romance? Mayhem?

Being an unpredictable person by choice, I write according to what type of story jumps into my head. As a result, I write in multiple genres. At present my books fit into the categories of Humor, Romance and Mayhem? Bet you weren’t expecting that when you came to my site!

So, scroll down the page and select a book from one of these categories. At present, I have some in each category, but we never know where my mind will go next.




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Whoodah Thunket and The Girls

Three 70 year old sisters turn to the family business – cat burglary – to pay off an old debt. Think Golden Girls meets Janet Evanovich! Who would suspect? Who dah thunk it could ever happen?

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Whoodah Hitchin’s

The Whoodah girls are back again! Safe back on the farm with the new men in tow, there is nothing left to do but get married! Not just one wedding will do. Oh, no! Not with these individuals. Think my Big Fat Greek Wedding times three. From runaway horses to a crazed barn rat, these weddings will keep your wondering what’s next and giggling into your coffee!

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Whoodah Honeymoons

The sisters met their men (Book One), married them (Book Two) and now they’re on a bucket list honeymoon! Follow these couples across the country on a revamped tour bus. Sky diving, white water rafting, a mule trip to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and more… what could possible go wrong for 6 adventurous septuagenarians!

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Almost Brilliant

Ne’er-do-well 90 year old male decides to win a prize the town he was born in wants to give to the oldest living person on the occasion of the town’s 100 year celebration. Since he has ended up homeless, he wants to win a lifetime of free housing, medical, food and a lump sum of cash, but he must get rid of the five people who are older than he…. but it proves not to be that easy! I mean, what could go wrong?



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Raven’s Tale

Raven’s dreams are filled with visions of a man who is meant to be her destiny, the one who would be her protector. Luke’s dreams are filled with a beautiful black raven with silver eyes and she needs him. Will they find each other before it too late?

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A 500 Year Love

“When you meet your soul mate, remember that meeting was 500 years in the making. Always appreciate and be kind to one another.”

Follow Katherine through five centuries searching for and almost finding the mystery man who haunts her dreams … until the fateful day when ….



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The Life and Times of 13B

“Come on in! I’m just an apartment, nothing special, dingy, neglected, just sort of a way station if you will. People have lived, loved and grown old within my dingy walls. I’ve heard babies laugh out loud and old people weep uncontrollably ….. I can tell such stories — if someone would just step inside and take the time to listen. How about you?”

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The Distinctive Plop

My newest work! A short story. This tale is available on Amazon. Though I usually write romance or humor, this one is a suspense tale which has gotten good reviews from my beta readers. I’ll keep you posted!

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I-94 and Me

‘I was born 3 hours before my favorite holiday, 2 hours before midnight and 1 state away from the one I call home! In these pages are collected stories of my life in all its silliness and unique adventures.”

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Brilliant surgical student, Andi is viciously beaten, raped and left helpless in a dark alley by three college classmates. Through the hours of healing and rehab our heroine devises a plan and enlists an unlikely alley to help her mete out justice. Enter the cop who will try to stop her.

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Tales of Guam

A collection of 156 stories, from my time in Guam.


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