From the Author

I can’t remember a time I didn’t write. The minute I felt that pencil in my hand I felt like I’d found my purpose. Sporting a writer’s callus on my finger by the time I was seven (and still has 60+ years later), I haven’t slowed down over the years.

But I can’t decide what genre to write in. Sometimes my wicked sense of humor takes over and writes tales of 70+ year old sisters who become cat burglars (I mean, Whoodah Thunket!) and poor old Scruffy who just wants to win a big prize, you’ll laugh your way through those stories.

Then you can check out my time spanning and paranormal love stories as well as the generation spanning story of an apartment that has much to say. And don’t forget the 100+ kids stories from my magazine series I may redo at any moment!

You never know what I’ll turn out next but you can be guaranteed an interesting read.


The difference between a published author and an unpublished author is one word — someday.

Read that again! The difference between a published and an unpublished (indie or traditional) author is a single phrase– SOME DAY! If you wait until ‘some day’, your dream will never happen. I took 20 years to write 13B and now there are four more novels and a short story online and two in the works. You can do this!


It's Magic!

“What I love most about reading: It gives you the ability to reach higher ground. And keep climbing.”



About Me

I was born three days before Halloween, two hours before midnight, and one state away from the place I call home. From this auspicious beginning, my journey has taken me through a life filled with family, education, storytelling, and a passion for writing. I am the proud mother of two daughters and the doting grandmother of four grandchildren, with the joy of watching my family grow to include eight great-grandchildren. Family has always been at the center of my life, providing me with the love and support needed to pursue my dreams.

My educational journey has been a winding one, encompassing a Bachelor of Science in English Education and Library Science, a Master of Library and Information Science, an Education Specialist degree in Leadership, and a Doctorate in Virtual Education. These degrees reflect my dedication to both the world of literature and the realm of education. For over two decades, I dedicated my career to enriching the lives of children as a librarian, working in both public and school settings. My passion for storytelling began at a young age, and I nurtured it throughout my life, writing stories and keeping idea notebooks since I was seven years old. This love for storytelling led me to write a weekly column, totaling 156 stories, for a local magazine while living on Guam.

My first novel was a labor of love that took me 24 years to complete, but it marked the beginning of my journey as a published author. Since retiring, I have e-published one novel per year and am currently working on five more. Writing has been my creative outlet, allowing me to explore the depths of imagination and share stories with the world. Beyond the written word, I have embraced storytelling in its oral form. I became known as the ‘Dolphin Lady’ during my time in Guam, where I traveled to schools and surrounding islands as a traveling storyteller. My most renowned story, ‘Dolphin, Dolphin,’ captured the hearts of many.

Life brought me to Alabama three years ago when I moved here with my husband, who was born in this beautiful state. I became a proud member of TWIG (Tuscaloosa Writers and Illustrators Guild) in 2018, a community that shares my love for literature and creativity. One of my current projects combines two of my favorite hobbies: writing and quilting. I am working on a bookcase quilt featuring my book covers, celebrating the worlds I have created through my stories. My goal these days is simple but meaningful: to make sure that at least one person laughs out loud every day. Laughter, after all, is the best medicine.

The primary inspiration for my stories comes from three remarkable aunts, all in their late 70s, who continue to embark on long-distance bike treks, participate in marathons, and travel extensively. Their indomitable spirit and zest for life remind me that adventure knows no age limits.

In reflecting on my journey, I am reminded that life is a tapestry woven with family, education, storytelling, and the pursuit of dreams. From my early days as a storyteller to my current role as an author, my life has been an exploration of imagination, and I am grateful for every moment of this extraordinary journey.