TK Cassidy

"The difference between a published author and an unpublished author is one word — someday."

I have had these words in the back of my head most of my life. I have worked on many novels and short stories between many life challenges. With the arrival of The Life and Times of 13B, “Someday” has arrived.

I started writing this story years ago when I lived on Guam with my late husband where we had rented a small apartment above a little store for several months. When we moved out, I passed the building every day on my way to work barely noticing it. Until one sun drenched afternoon when I happened to look up at the balcony in front of the apartment and saw the door was ajar. I wondered who lived there now. Then who lived there before me. The next thing I knew I grabbed a pen and a palm-sized notebook from the glove box – thank God my husband was driving – and began to write furiously. By the time we traveled the five miles home, I was completely engrossed. With a kiss on the cheek and an apology, I disappeared in to the office where I did my desktop publishing side business. I pushed everything aside and wrote for three days… only pausing to sleep and grab a snack or one of my beloved Diet Pepsis!

And finally -- nearly 20 years, a full career, several degrees, two kids, the loss of a dear spouse, the finding of a new love and MANY revisions--, The Life and Times of 13B is alive. I have six more in the wings. If you enjoy this one, come back for more! As Apartment 13B would say, “We’ll be waiting for you.”

Language English

Author's books

Almost Brilliant (ebook)

Ne’er-do-well 90 year old male decides to win a prize the town he was born in wants to give to the oldest living person on the occasion of the town’s 100 year celebration. Since he has ended up homeless, he wants to win a lifetime of free housing, medical, food and a lump sum of cash, but he must get rid of the five people who are older than he…. but it proves not to be that easy! I mean, what could go wrong?

The 500 year love (ebook)

“When you meet your soul mate, remember that meeting was 500 years in the making. Always appreciate and be kind to one another.

The corollary – when you meet a true friend, you will be bound together through space and time for 500 years” .-Buddhist saying

Follow Katherine threw five centuries searching for and almost finding the mystery man who haunts her dreams … until the fateful day when ….

The Life and Times of 13B: One apartment, many lives (ebook)

Come on in! I’m just an apartment, nothing special, dingy, neglected, just sort of a way station if you will. People have lived, loved and grown old within my dingy walls. I’ve heard babies laugh out loud and old people weep uncontrollably. My residents have felt terrible pain, aching sorrow, desperate fear and great joy over the years. I can tell such stories — if someone would just step inside and take the time to listen. How about you? Would you like to add your story to the growing list? What will your stay bring to the mix? Will you be different and live here for a while or just another spirit passing through? What will I gather from you?

Whoodah Hitchin’s


The Whoodah girls are back again! Safe back on the farm with the new men in tow, there is nothing left to do but get married! Not just one wedding will do. Oh, no! Not with these three individuals.

Think my Big Fat Greek Wedding times three. From runaway horses to a crazed barn rat, these weddings will keep you wondering what’s next and giggling into your coffee!